My Wife Is a Gangster 3

Korean gangster Han Ki-Chul is put in charge by his Big Boss of looking after Lim Aryoung who comes from Hong Kong. She turns out to be a women and acts very cold toward him and his associates. Moreover none of them speaks her language and she doesn't understand Korean. A translator called Yeon-Hee arrives. She is immature and very scared of the gangsters so at the beginning, instead of translating Aryung's rather rude answers, she changes them to nice ones. Quickly, Aryung shows her fighting skills beating other bosses to save her companions. Ki-Chul and his associates who are rather unskilled are impressed and get afraid of her while, upon finding that they are actually nice, she's trying to be more friendly. Her efforts are ruined by Yeon-Hee who, taking advantage of Aryoung's aura, 'translates' very threatening sentences.

Soon after, they are attacked by professional assassins. They think that they are after Ki-Chul while, as we know from the beginning, they want to kill Aryoung who is the daughter of a boss in Hong Kong and is accused of having killed another boss, triggering a gangsters war there. They then separate and Aryoung and Ki-Chul's car is chased by the assassins but they manage to take refuge in his family. His parents believe that she is his girlfriend and give him a family necklace to give her. The assassins find her again but she overcomes them, especially the woman who really kill the boss. She then go to meet her mother who is the reason why she chose to hide in Korea, but seeing that she founded a new family and is happy, she gives up speaking to her.

After that, she leaves Korea despite Ki-Chul's confession, even if she accepts the necklace. In Hong Kong, her father dies from his injuries caused by an explosion decided by the other boss. Even though Ki-Chul comes to support her, she leaves to take revenge. She then fights the other boss's gangsters with success and eventually she faces the boss. After cheating, he was going to shoot her when Ki-Chul arrives, distracting him. The boss shoots Ki-Chul first, allowing Aryoung to come close to him and to kill him. Ki-Chul is not dead but is going to leave Hong Kong. Aryoung, after becoming the new boss, succeeding her father, is advised by her father's right-hand man not to let him leave, as did her father who let her mother leave and then regretted it all his life. She follows the advice, stoping him on his way to the airport with all her gangsters and proposes to Ki-Chul, the right-hand man making the translation (not always a very accurate one, like Yeon-Hee). Ki-Chul accepts it and they hug on the motorway.

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