The Locker 2

A Tokyo urban legend comes to life in unexpected.Well, The Locker 2 has the luxury of picking up exactly when the first film ended.

But instead of a group of young asults, the sequel centres around a schoolgirl who’s getting bullied. Her friends and enemies all know about the supposedly magic locker in Shibuya… Meanwhile, the doctor who was caught up in the case is trying to help the police find a link between the mysterious deaths...

There’s more ghosts and noisy deaths, but the plot is less carefully constructed, with locker key number 9 magically moving around as it pleases. Which makes for lazy storytelling rather than an inventive narrative.

It looks even more professional than the first instalment, with less handheld camerawork and slower steadier tracking moves. The acting is good and the music continues to be catchy.

The second Locker ends up even more open-ended than the first, but perhaps it's because they were already planning a third.

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