Little Giants Movie

Danny O'Shea (Rick Moranis) has always lived in the shadow of his older brother, Kevin (Ed O'Neill), a Heisman Trophy winner. The brothers live in their hometown of Urbania, Ohio and Kevin coaches the local pee-wee football team. Danny's daughter, Becky ("Icebox"), (Shawna Waldron), is cut from Kevin's team because she's a girl, despite her being the best player. She convinces her dad to coach a pee-wee team of misfits, named "The Little Giants", and beat Kevin's team (The Pee-Wee Cowboys).

Danny accepts in an attempt to show Urbania that Kevin is not invincible, and that there is another O'Shea in town. Danny picks a team of players that have never been given a chance, and Kevin reminds him of the "one town, one team" rule. They have a playoff to determine who should be the "one team", with a wager. If Danny wins, he gets Kevin's Chevrolet dealership; if Kevin wins, he gets Danny's gas station. Facing a 21-point halftime defecit, the Little Giants are lifted by Danny's inspirational halftime speech and Becky's return to the team after a short stint as a cheerleader. In the game's closing seconds, the Little Giants stop Spike, the Cowboys' star halfback, on the goal line because, much to Kevin's chagrin, they know the play. The Little Giants win on the next play, a trick play known as "The Annexation of Puerto Rico".

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