Two Faces of my Girlfriend

Gu-chang is 30 years old, still in college, unemployed and leeches of his family. Worst yet, Gu-chang has never had a girlfriend or even kissed a girl before. His friends are aware of his situation and usually has Gu-chang appearing as the butt end of their jokes. Then one day, Gu-chang falls asleep on a subway, after a night of drinking. When he wakes up, he sees a girl that he mistakes for a ghost. The girl isn't a ghost, but works as an extra in a horror film. She's on her way home, after becoming ill on the set of the film. Gu-chang doesn't know this and immediately runs away from her. He drops his cellphone, which the girl picks up. They eventually do meet again, but in a more typical circumstance and seem to get along well. Even more remarkable for Gu-chang, is that the girl seems to take an interest in him. She introduces herself as "Anni" and thus, Gu-chang and Anni's budding romantic relationship begins. Unfortunately, when the couple spends an evening drinking, "Anni" suddenly takes a whole new personality, a rough talking brute like person that likes to fight. Gu-chang slowly comes to the realization that Anni suffers from multiple personalities.

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