Dog Bite Dog

Edison Chen gives up his usual Prince Charming roles in this film without heroes. With yellow-dyed hair and tanned skin, he plays Pang Jr., a Cambodian hitman accustomed to cruelty since childhood. He arrives in Hong Kong to kill a judges wife, but ends up abandoned in this unfamiliar city, shooting at whoever crosses his way. Sam Lee, known more for comedic characters in recent years, takes up the challenging role of Wai, a cop with an extreme personality. His anger explodes when Pang Jr. kills his colleagues one by one, and he becomes as inhumane as his opponent. Sichuanese actress Pei Wei Ying, best known for appearing in a cell phone commercial opposite Jay Chou a few years ago, plays the assassins newfound girlfriend. Her appearance signifies the only humanity that remains in the merciless hit man.

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